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Member Protection

In December 2006, Netball Victoria adopted the Netball Australia Member Protection Policy.

Netball Victoria in line with Netball Australia is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness. These values, along with the basic right of all netball members to participate in an environment that is enjoyable, safe and healthy, has resulted in Netball Australia developing specific objectives to create a safer and more tolerant sporting environment.

Netball is not immune to acts of discrimination, harassment and abuse and in fact shares the common features of most sporting environments where close physical and emotional relationships can develop and inappropriate or unlawful behaviour can take place.

The adoption of the Netball Australia Member Protection Policy reflects Netball Victoria’s commitment to serving and protecting its members and participants throughout all levels of the sport. Through working together, the netball community can prevent discrimination and harassment and create a safe and supportive environment for all participants at all levels.

In January 2017, Netball Victoria Introduced a new Child Safety in Netball Policy

This was a result of the Child Safety Standards introduced by the Victorian State Government. Netball Victoria (NV) affiliates are advised that where a complaint, incident or matter arises which which may be dealt with under NV's Child Safety in Netball Policy, then it is to be resolved in accordance with the processes in the child Safety in Netball Policy, to the exclusion of all other NV Disciplinary policies or processes.

For the avoidance of doubt, this means that where a complaint relates to Child Safety and falls within the scope of the Child Safety Policy, it will prevail and any such complaint shall be dealt with in accordance with Child Safety Policy and not the NV Member Protection Policy (or any other NV Policy)


Updated by Netball Australia April 2017


The Member Protection Policy now requires Complaints Managers to undertake free Play by the Rules training. As a minimum, Complaints Managers should complete the Complaint Handling Program. Play by the Rules also offers other free training programs that would be off assistance to Complaints Managers.
To access and complete the new training please click on the below link:
Play by the Rules