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By-laws are additional rules which apply to members which generally deal with internal and administrative or operational matters. By-laws are subordinate to the Constitution and must not be inconsistent with the Constitution. There should be a clause in the Constitution that provides the power to the Committee to make By-laws.

Typically, by-laws might deal with matters, such as, uniforms and dress codes, competition rules, fixtures, player eligibility, club colours, awards, code of conduct and tribunals.

By-laws vary according to the nature of your organisation. Up to date by-laws can avoid many issues and grievances in relation to the day to day operations of a netball competition.

Your Association by-laws should clearly outline the requirements of all clubs, teams and individuals (as members of the Association or Club) along with the penalties for any breaches of the by-laws.

For a sample by-law template please click on the download button at the bottom of this page.

Reasons for having rules

Every incorporated association must have rules. The rules:

  • are a written document
  • guide how your association operates
  • are a contract between the association and its members
  • set out your association's purposes
  • list the rights and responsibilities of members and office holders.

Members should know the rules. They have the right to inspect the rules and obtain a copy on request.

Statement of purposes

Since November 2012, an association's statement of purposes is no longer a separate statement, but is automatically included as part of its rules.

Associations with their own rules are not required to make changes to adapt to the new laws, but if an association does change its rules, it must include its statement of purposes in the proposed new rules.