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MyNetball Resource Library

The MyNetball Resource Library is a portal for Administrators and Participants to find valuable information and training resources relating to MyNetball registration, competition and website.

Users can view a wide variety of support materials including:

  • Manuals: A range of manuals for Association, League and/or Club administrators to assist with MyNetball operation.
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRG): A range of QRGs for Associations/Leagues, Clubs and Participants to assist with MyNetball operation.
  • Quick Tips: Tips addressing common issues that administrators and participants experience.
  • Helpful Videos: A series of short videos to assist administrators with various MyNetball functions and processes.
  • IT User Agreement: For Association/League and Club Committee members looking to obtain administrative access to MyNetball.
  • Where to Get Help?


There are a number of manuals available for Associations, Leagues and Clubs to download.

Setting Up Online Registrations

MyNetball Training Manual

Quick Reference Guides (QRG)

There are a number of QRGs available to help both organisations and individuals.

Associations, Leagues & Clubs

Creating a Payment Gateway

Changing Bank Account Details for MyNetball Payment Gateway

Updating the Registration Period (Association/League ONLY)

Updating the Registration Types (Association/League ONLY)

Managing Participant Accounts

Adding & Deleting IT Users

Merging Records (Association/League ONLY)

Transfers & Clearances

Organisation Detail & Contacts

Individual Members

Your MyNetball Record

Completing the Self-Registration Process

Quick Tips

Helpful Videos

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

Communicating to your members how to access your Online Registration Form

Adding a User in MyNetball

Managing Registration Types

Managing Person Roles

Update Members Contact Details

Participant Logins - Associations/Leagues

Participant Logins - Clubs

Finding A Members Registration - Associations/Leagues

Finding A Members Registration - Clubs

Creating A Custom Field - Associations/Leagues

Creating A Custom Field - Clubs

IT User Agreement

To gain access to either an Association/League or Club on MyNetball, individuals must complete an IT User Agreement Form.

It is essential that each person that has access to MyNetball has their own individual login. For this reason, Netball Victoria does not limit the number of users for each organisation.

Click Here to access the Association or League IT User Agreement Form. All Association and League access needs to be approved and added by Netball Victoria so please return the completed form to the Member Services team via

Click Here to access the Club IT User Agreement Form. All club access needs to be approved and added by your Association or League so please return the completed form to your Association or League. Netball Victoria is not required to approve club access.

Click Here to access the NetSetGO Centre IT User Agreement Form. All NetSetGO access needs to be approved and added by Netball Victoria so please return the completed form to our NetSetGO team via

Where to Get Help?

For MyNetball IT Support please follow the below flow chart:


Phone: 03 9321 2255

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2018 Affiliation and Membership Policy

2018 Affiliation and Membership Policy. To be completed by January 31st 2018.

Download Info

2018 Netball Victoria Membership Fees

Netball Victoria annual Membership runs from 1st January - 31st December each year.

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All Abilities Netball

All Abilities Netball provides the chance for people with a physical or intellectual disability to participate directly or indirectly in local clubs and associations.


Boys Participation in Grassroots Netball - Resource Document

Netball Victoria has developed a resource document to help support Associations, Leagues and Clubs in an area that some people might not be familiar with or find challenging.

Download Info


Up to date by-laws can avoid many issues and grievances in relation to the day to day operations of a netball competition.

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Camps & Clinics

Find out when a clinic or camp is happening near you.


Census Report - Netball in Victoria at a Glance

Netball Victoria exists to enrich Victorian communities through the sport of netball. The following reports provide a snapshot of participation in Victoria.


Child Safety in Netball

In Addition to netball Victoria's General Code of Behavior as a player in any activity held by or under the auspice of Netball Victoria, a Region, an Affiliated Association or an Affiliated Club, you must meet the requirements outlined in the downloadable document below.


Child Safety Standards

From 1 January 2017, the Child Safe Standards (the Standards) will apply to all organisations that operate and provide sporting service to children within Victoria.


ClubHelp - Marketing

Ways to market and promote your club to attract new members, volunteers, and sponsors and to build your club's public image.


Compliance Fact Sheet

Provides members and stakeholders with the most up to date standards required by NV when redeveloping or constructing new netball court facilities.

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Connected Clubs & Communities

Educational resources and e-Learning tools aim to increase awareness of inclusion and diversity considerations in netball Clubs and Associations. Start your club / association's journey in creating more inclusive netball communities by downloading the resources here.


Development Workshops 2018

The training is aimed at strengthening the capacity of Association committees to respond to complaints or disputes and implementing processes to compliment existing rules and regulations to assist in further development.


Facility Development & Planning Resources

Every Club / Association / League has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for players, coaches, umpires and spectators, not only to reduce the potential of injury, but also to meet its legal duty of care.


Funding & Grants

There are various funding bodies that provide grants to local sporting Clubs and Associations. Search for funding that suits your particular needs here.


How To Use The Club House Website

Netball Victoria's Association & Leagues Resource Library.


Inclusion Action Plan

The Inclusion Action Plan (IAP) provides a list of short, medium and long term actions that your Club or Association can take to engage and support everyone from your local community in your netball environment. This may include (but is not limited to) multicultural communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, people with disabilities and other communities who face barriers to participation in netball.

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Inclusion NetSetGo

Inclusion Suncorp NetSetGO introduces Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities and people with disabilities to the sport of netball. Developed as a modified program for juniors (boys and girls), Suncorp NetSetGO can be adapted to suit the specific needs and abilities of diverse groups. This program is free to participants and is available to clubs, associations, disability and/or multicultural service providers, Aboriginal Co-operatives, community groups and schools.

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Indigenous Australian Netball

Quality netball amongst young people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and their communities.


Insurance Information

Netball Australia Risk Protection Program. Find out what's covered, who's covered, coverage limits and excess, how to make a claim and more.

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Match Day Checklist

A significant part of your Public Liability Insurance, the Match Day Checklist provides a reliable method of identifying risks prior to the start of play on each match day.


Member Protection

Specific objectives set in place to create a safer and more tolerant sporting environment for all.


Multicultural Netball Programs

Netball Victoria (NV) offer netball programs that cater for a diverse range of communities across Victoria.


MyNetball - Training Manual

The MyNetball Training Manual is a detailed document created to support the Quick Reference Guides (QRG) and the help menus within the system.

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MyNetball IT Access Forms

To gain access to either an Association/League or Club organisation on MyNetball individuals must complete an IT User Agreement Form.


Net 4 Kids

Give your juniors the best start to Netball with Net4Kids.



Netacise - a unique, netball inspired, group fitness activity, that combines the best aspects of netball and group fitness.


Netball - Tennis Facility Fact Sheet

Netball Victoria and Tennis Victoria have developed this fact sheet to provide all stakeholders and contractors with practical advice and guidance for the redevelopment or construction of outdoor multi-lined netball-tennis courts.

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Netball Victoria Cybersafety Policy

Internet and ICT devices/equipment can bring great benefit to all users however, Cybersafety issues related to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have the potential to have a negative impact upon all concerned.

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Suncorp NetSetGO, is Netball Australia’s only junior entry netball program.


NV Codes of Behaviour

An outline of behaviours that are expected of every person involved in community sport and active recreation, as well as identifying the types of behaviours that will not be tolerated.


Pregnancy in Netball Policy

Netball Victoria is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all its members including pregnant participants. Netball Australia have developed a Pregnancy in Netball Policy applicable to NV and its affiliates.

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Q&A - Working with Children Check (WWCC)

The Working with Children (WWWC) Check helps protect children from physical and sexual harm. Netball Victoria has introduced a new regulation regarding the WWCC for all Victorian Affiliates from 1 January 2017.

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Rock Up Netball

Rock Up Netball is a flexible, ‘pay as you play’ option to organised physical activity.


Rock Up Netball Licence

Exciting opportunity for Associations, clubs, leagues and private providers to become a Rock Up Netball Licensee.


Rock Up Netball Marketing

Rock Up Netball marketing tools to assist in promoting the program.

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Rules of Netball

Current rules of the game.


Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools, is the new schools program formally known as Active-after School Communities.

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The KNEE Program

Netball Australia is aiming to reduce the prevalence of serious knee injuries by up to 70 per cent with the Knee injury prevention for Netballers and Enhance performance and Extend play (KNEE) Program.


Victorian Men’s & Mixed Netball League

Men’s and Mixed Netball at it’s very best. Fixtures, National Squad and more.

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VOLUNTEERS: Recruiting. Retaining. Rewarding.

View some great state, interstate and international resources as a guide to help recruit, retain and reward your organisation's volunteers.


Where To Play Flyer - Jnr

Downloadable 'Where To Play' flyer for print and posting.

Download Info

Where To Play Flyer - Teen

Downloadable 'Where To Play' flyer for print and posting.

Download Info

Working with Children Check (WWCC)

The Working with Children (WWCC) Check helps protect children from physical and sexual harm. Netball Victoria has introduced a new regulation regarding the WWCC for all Victorian Affiliates from 1 January 2017. Details of the regulation can be found in the Child Safety in Netball Policy. Further information is also provided in the Q&A - Working with Children Check (WWCC) for Netball Victoria Affiliates.


WWCC - sample register templates

The Working with Children (WWCC) Check helps protect children from physical and sexual harm. Netball Victoria has introduced a new regulation regarding the WWCC for all Victorian Affiliates from 1 January 2017.