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Netball Victoria: Webinar Series

Netball Victoria would like to thank those members who participated in the 2017 Webinar Series.

We are currently planning our 2018 education program so please stay tuned for further details soon.

Netball Victoria is delighted to partner with Sports Community – Club Spot to deliver the Webinar Series.

To view the webinars presented in 2017 please click on the link to login to Club Spot or register now:

2017 Webinars

17 July - Writing Successful Grants

This session is designed to maximise your chances of successfully winning grants.

The session includes:

  • The importance of understanding grant guidelines and the information they include
  • Recognising the challenges of collecting support information for your grant
  • Writing a strong grant application
  • Strategies for winning grants

31 July - Creating an Environment of Player, Coach and Umpire Development

This session is designed to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibility of the modern coach and umpire
  • Understanding what your clubs coaching and umpiring philosophy is and why it is so important
  • Coach & umpire accreditation and training currently available
  • How to create a club which supports and develops club coaches & umpires
  • Understand the player development pathway and how this relates to sports clubs
  • Creating a player development strategy in your club

14 August - Social Media, Website and Newsletters for Clubs

An in-depth look at how to effectively use social media, email newsletters and websites looking at how clubs can unleash the power of tools such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • MyNetball App
  • Team App
  • eMail newsletters
  • Club website
  • Increase club revenue
  • Reduce volunteer workloads
  • Increase your clubs audience
  • Reduce the possibility of theft and fraud
  • Achieve club goals

28 August - Marketing and Sponsorship

This session introduces participants to the fundamentals of community club sponsorship:

  • Why businesses sponsor clubs
  • Understanding your clubs sponsorship assets and the size of its audience
  • Understanding how to value sponsorships
  • Different ways for attracting new sponsors to your clubs
  • Show clubs how to make sponsorship proposals for any type of business

11 September - Running a successful Committee Meeting and AGM

  • Why committee meetings are run
  • What information should be considered in committee meetings (and what should not)
  • When should sub committees be used?
  • What are the different skills required on a modern committee?
  • Legislative obligations for running an AGM
  • Understanding the importance of your club rules/constitution for running an AGM
  • Preparing for an AGM
  • Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Preparing your Annual Report
  • Who can attend and vote?
  • Notification requirements
  • Strategies to run an effective AGM
  • How to deal with challenging topics and people
  • Post AGM requirements

For any additional questions relating to the webinar listings, Email Netball Victoria for further assistance or T (03) 9321 2255.

Online Registrations Training Video - MyNetball

Looking to 2016 and beyond, online registrations will be the primary method of registration. The Member Services team have produce a training video.

The key points addressed in the training sessions will include the following:

  • What online registrations will look like moving forward;
  • The benefits of online registrations and how it will impact your Association/League;
  • Requirements of having an online registration form;
  • Setting up your online registration forms;
  • How financing will work; and Reporting
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